Drilling and Plugging Fluids Department of SPP Development LLC was established in 2014.

The main activity of the Drilling and Filling Fluids Department of SPP Development LLC is to provide a set of services for drilling fluids, plugging mixtures and supply of chemicals for drilling and cementing of wells.

The integrated approach, which we use when providing services, is aimed at increasing the quality of wellbore installation, thus avoiding technology conflicts and inconsistencies in the actions of service companies.

Our services include:

  • Development of a “Drilling Fluids Programme” (according to actual mining and geological conditions of well construction, drilling equipment used and special conditions) and its submission for the Customer’s approval;
  • Delivery of chemicals and materials for drilling and squeeze cementing fluids to the Customer’s site;
  • calculation of necessary volumes, hydraulic calculation, calculation of colmatant fractional composition;
  • engineering support of works on preparation and regulation of drilling fluid properties directly on object in compliance with requirements of approved Program and acting work codes;
  • selection of grouting mixture formulation and working out of grouting program, hydraulic calculation;
  • engineering support of cement mixtures while cementing wells;
  • stage-by-stage and final analysis of fulfilment of contractual obligations, rendering of services and consumption of reagents with development of proposals to the Customer to speed up the works and reduce costs.

SPP Razvitie Ltd. has all the latest equipment, in particular:

  • Field laboratories by an American company OFITE;
  • Office equipment;
  • Specialized calculation programs;
  • Communication facilities;
  • Field engineers’ transport to the fields.

In Kogalym we have a dedicated chemical storage facility and a specialised laboratory for testing new and upgraded drilling fluids.

Our specialists have developed and successfully apply drilling fluid systems:


«FloSolution» — biopolymer inhibited chloro-potassium clay-free water-based drilling mud. A complex encapsulation system designed for drilling directional and horizontal wells in unstable rock and swollen clay shales.

Cationic Solution

«Cationic Solution» — cationic mud for drilling in terrigenous formations, which has enhanced inhibiting and consolidating properties, providing a high level of stabilization of clayey-argillite deposits, effective regardless of clayey aluminosilicate species specificity, features of its exchange complex. The solution has an extremely low dispersing capacity, thus reducing the rate of solids generation during drilling and, as a consequence, reducing the amount of cleaning system equipment and the need to dilute the solution with freshly prepared solids to reduce the concentration of accumulated solids.


«RUO» — Hydrocarbon based fluid (HBF) has great advantages over water based fluids (WBF). It has a wide range of operating densities for operation under both normal and Abnormal formation pressure conditions. High stability and resistance to contamination allow multiple reuse of the solution and consequently reduce preparation costs. High lubricity reduces limitations for drilling wells with complex profiles and/or large deviations. Thin filter cake and low filtration into formation together with high inhibiting ability guarantee minimum formation damage, high wellbore stability in unstable reservoirs with high zenith angles and active clay intervals. The Inventro-emulsion drilling mud has an improved rheological profile, low filtration values at high temperature and pressure, high stability to the drilled rock and thermal stability, even at water ingress, without a strong influence on mud properties or mechanical drilling speed. Mineral oil base, high flash point, electrical stability over 500V.