SPP Development has the resources and experience to build wells of any profile, of any complexity. In order to carry out the work successfully in its own operations centre, wellbore engineering parameters are calculated using “BurSoftProject” software, which includes modules:

  • Calculation and inclinometric control of the well profile.
  • Running and centring the casing.
  • Drill pipe string strength checks.
  • Hydraulic calculations for well flushing.
  • Calculation of drilling mud and colmatant requirements.

Our company has the most modern telemetry systems at its disposal, providing a stable interference signal under various drilling conditions, high autonomy for long voyages, high tolerance to the types of solutions used and additional substances injected.

Комплексы телеметрических систем

  1. APS Technology downhole telemetry systems with gamma ray modules
  2. Dual-zone resistivity wave logging units with geosteering and reservoir pressure monitoring capabilities
  3. Russian-made dual-neutron logging modules integrated into conventional telemetry system layouts with a hydraulic communication channel
  4. Bottomhole retrievable telemetry systems manufactured by Compass with gamma modules
  5. As part of the import substitution project, telemetry complexes with an electromagnetic communication channel and gamma ray logging capabilities of domestic manufacturers

SPP Razvitie Ltd. opened a service centre at its own base located in Kogalym in 2017, where it maintains its own telemetry equipment.

In addition to our own telemetry kits, our company has the ability to engage third-party equipment of any size with an unlimited number of parameters to be transmitted.