Audit of cleaning systems

The technical audit of a cleaning system is an independent expert assessment of the equipment’s performance, identifying potential and making recommendations to optimise the process through: existing capacities and capabilities, at no financial cost; improvements to organisational, technological and technical measures, with additional capital expenditure.

The specialists of SPP Razvitie Ltd. have developed:

  • Standard audit programme.
  • Audit procedure.
  • Mud cleaning systems performance evaluation program.
  • Methodologies for determining the technical condition of the mud cleaning system equipment.

Audit of drilling fluids

  • Provision of engineering support services for the audit of aqueous and hydrocarbon-based drilling mud parameters, namely sampling and control measurements of flushing fluid with site visits by specialists.
  • Audit of storage conditions and expiry dates of chemical reagents at the contractor’s production site.
  • Audit of chemical storage facilities.
  • Audit of the drilling fluids laboratory.