«SPP Razvitie» Ltd

“SPP Razvitie” has been present in the telemetry and drilling fluids market since 2014, but despite such a young age, has managed to gain recognition in the industry.

Such results have been achieved thanks to a team of experienced managers, field engineers, proper selection of reliable equipment and reagents to be purchased, a comfortable working environment for employees, which includes continuous staff training and foreseeable growth prospects within the company.

During its existence, our company has acquired and is ready to expand its fleet of in-house telemetry sets of various types in the quantity necessary to cover the volumes for each planned period of time. As a result, we have equipment available for a variety of drilling conditions: flushing fluids, mud types, profile, depths and geological setting.

The equipment is serviced by our own production facility in Kogalym, which includes a laboratory that analyses quality and performance as well as upgrades.

Our drilling and squeeze cement service capabilities can deliver any modern well intervention programme in the shortest possible time with unparalleled quality.